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Save Time and Money

At Twin Peaks Furnace Cleaning, we save you time and money! Take a look at some of our current offers:

$199.99 – Includes: Furnace and 8 vents or ducts; inspection of the furnace

$7.50 per vent after initial 8
$30.00 – Dryer vent and water heater firepan cleaning (for both together with the basic package)
$30.00 – Central vacuum canister and filter cleaning
$50.00 – Sanitize and deodorize (kills 99% of germs, moulds and mildew currently in the system)

$50.00 Minimum - A/C Cleaning. Includes Inspection.

Affordable Furnace and Duct Cleaning in Central Alberta

Coupons and Discounts

Look for further savings in the Student Union Ticket Pack and watch your mail for the Central Alberta Coupon Book. Need more information? Contact us for a free estimate and an on-site evaluation.


Expert Services at Great Prices

Choose us for affordable furnace and duct cleaning services.

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