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Insulation Removal and HVAC Cleaning in Central Alberta

More Than Just Ducts

Twin Peaks Furnace Cleaning does not just clean your ducts; in actuality, the entire heating/cooling system is cleaned. If the complete system is not cleaned it may result in recontamination, which minimizes the benefits of the cleaning.

Custom Cleaning Units

We have some of the newest furnace cleaning technology available in Central Alberta, including truck-mounted, custom units designed to clean heating and cooling systems.

2-Man Crew

We use a crew of 2 trained furnace technicians per truck. This keeps the time we spend in your house down to 1-1.5 hours on average. We are able to set up and take down our equipment far more efficiently with a crew of two, versus a one-person crew.

Tight Spaces and Corners

Twin Peaks prefers to use a whip system to clean the built-up dust, dirt and debris from your ducting. The whip works in the same way as the brush in that it is able to get off that built-up dirt in your ductwork. The whip is also able to get into those tight spaces and corners better than the brush. If you prefer, we can use the brush system as well.

Remove All Dirt and Debris

Twin Peaks inspects the inner workings of your furnace, cleaning off the burners and removing dirt and debris. By inspecting your furnace in this way, we are able to ensure that all the dirt and debris are removed from your system and are not left behind to irritate you with noises and odours at a later time. We also will not be required to cut a large hole in the duct work.

Using this method, Twin Peaks Furnace Cleaning cleans and inspects the entire system, which includes:

Blower, motor, and assembly
Heat exchanger
Air ducts
Drain pan
Air filter
Air cleaner

Dryer Vent and Hot Water Heater Firepan Cleaning

Cleaning the clothes dryer vent helps prolong the life of your dryer and may decrease the time the dryer runs, saving you money. On the hot water heater we clean the firepan under the hwh where the pilot light sits. If this builds up it can put out pilot light.

Furnace and Duct Cleaning

We use the whip system. It is an air torque tool that works the same as the brush in that it gets off the built on dirt and grime. We prefer it because it gets into the corners better and does not tend to damage the ducting.

Free Estimate

Keep your indoor air fresh and clean and protect your family and guests with professional cleaning services from Twin Peaks Furnace Cleaning. Contact us to schedule a free estimate at your home or business.

Get Your Furnaces Cleaned

Get in touch with us to get expert furnace cleaning services.

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